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SEO for Multiregional Websites BrightEdge.
Google provides detailed hreflang instructions in Webmaster Tools help, so we wont cover them here. Instead, wed like to present the results from our own implementation. In a related post, we provide a few tips and touch on common misconceptions and mistakes.
Tell Google about localized versions of your page Search Console Help.
These tools are not maintained or checked by Google. Aleyda Solis's' hreflang tags generator tool for generating or modifying hreflang tags. Merkle SEO hreflang tag testing tool for validating hreflang tags on a single live page. HREFLang checker and validator for validating hreflang tags on a single live page.
Joomla 3 and Multilingual SEO OSTraining Support Forum.
Replied by Valentin on topic Joomla 3 and Multilingual SEO. Seems something changed in your site between your first and second comments. link href"" relalternate" hreflangen-EN" /. link href"" relalternate" hreflangen" /. The hreflang value is different now. What does webmaster tools says about it?
Google Quietly Updates The International Targeting Hreflang Webmaster Tools Reporting Webmaster tools, Webmaster, Tools.
xml Your" site has no hreflang tags" Google Webmastertools International Targeting. How to fix this error? Stack Overflow.
iorgu Sep 28 16 at 1217.: add a comment. I guess google webmaster tools checks HTML head structure only to report hreflang errors not sitemap. Try to implement hreflang: link relalternate" hreflanges" hrefhttp// / in HTML as it's' described here: https//
Google Introduces Language Targeting in Webmaster Tools to Troubleshoot Problems with hreflang Annotation Implementation! PageTraffic Buzz SEO, Search Marketing, News, Events, Guide.
Google announced in the Webmaster Central Blog, it is introducing the Language Targeting feature in International Targeting section of the Webmaster Tools to make debugging rel-alternate-hreflang annotations easier. The new feature identifies two common problems with hreflang annotations.: Missing Return Links: Annotations must be confirmed from the pages they are pointing to.
Troubleshooting hreflang issues in Google Webmaster Tools BORN Thinking.
The new section in Google Webmaster Tools now informs webmasters if they have made one of two common errors associated with hreflang annotations, these are.: Missing return links. if you have individual landing pages for 5 countries Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Venezuala then you should include 5 hreflang annotations on each of the 5 pages.
hreflang Magic Trick Revealed Google confirms hreflang urls that are canonicalized and not indexed can be surfaced in the SERPs by country.
John Mueller confirmed this behavior in a recent webmaster hangout video, which is provided below. Read my post to learn more about this hreflang magic trick. Based on helping a lot of companies deal with major algorithm updates, Im often assisting companies that target users in multiple countries and languages.

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